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In the first 11 months I lost 100 lbs! From start to finish, I never thought I would be able to do it.
- Ted W
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Judy W

I have been training with David since 2011. I have always loved physical activities, but as I got older life became more demanding.  The moment I stepped on the scale and weighed 177 lbs. was the moment I realized I had to make a change.  You only get one body in life and I was determined to take care of it.  I joined a gym and started the only routine I knew…cardio.  David approached me for training.  It took one session of him kicking my butt for me to be sold on personal training.  After my commitment to get in shape and David’s guidance, I dropped down to 113 lbs.  David is constantly rewriting and updating my plan.  He customizes it according to my goals. David is different from other personal trainers; he invests his time and knowledge into you.  If you have a goal, he will help you succeed.  For David it is not about the paycheck, but about you living a happy, healthier life.  Even though I continue to age, I am stronger now that I was years ago thanks to him.

Build your Empire

What changed my body, was David building a good diet, learning the science behind lifting, and how to contract my muscles while working out. I have always been an athlete, but I didn’t have the tools to for this type of transformation. At first, I honestly didn’t think I was able to do it, but David was very persuasive and motivating. He always gave me the truth of what I was capable of doing. Even during the months that I went off my diet, he texted me, motivated me and encouraged me. David has given me the drive to be a personal trainer myself, he has sculpted my body and now he is helping me get my pro card. What makes him different from other trainers…he cares about people and provides services for people not for the money but because he genuinely cares.

Build your Empire
Ted W

I began training with David July 2015, the goal was to eventually compete in a bikini competition. This past year and a half, we accomplished a lot. He taught me about health, nutrition and fitness. It was hard, but it was worth it. He kicked my butt! I began competition prep March 2016 which lasted 18 weeks. During the process he was always available for questions. It was always about making results, but in a safe and healthy way. Training for the competition was extremely hard work, I have never gone through anything like it before. You really learn what you are capable of and how strong you are. I would do it all over again, especially if David could be my coach again.

Caila A
Build your Empire

I have been working out with David since 2010. I started working out because I wanted some muscle and strong bones to fall on when I fell; and it has worked! I have fallen many times and I have never injured myself or broken any bones. At first I bought a book to learn how to work out but it was not very helpful. I began working out with David when I was 76. He is very knowledgeable and professional.  He pays attention to your physical condition, in my case he knows my physical condition and alters what I do based on that. He pays attention to the execution of the exercise sets. In other words, he is not distracted by other things while you are working out. He is also consistent in his attitude and how he does things. There was a brief period I began working on my own, but I knew I might try and do more than I should so I went back to working out with him. 

Build your Empire
Buck M
Build your Empire

At the age of 50+, I had never been in a gym. My husband encouraged me to go and sign up with a trainer. Since training with David, I have lost 20 pounds, but more importantly gained lean muscle! It took me awhile to focus and listen to the expert advice. David has been extremely patient and understanding. He catered to my lifestyle and nutritional needs. I am a vegetarian and David not only customized a meal plan for me, he found vegan nutritional supplements, and sent me lists of the protein and nutrients in the foods I regularly eat. Not only is training with David personalized, it is personal. He is a great friend and trainer. People who knew me a few years ago and ask what my secret is to looking younger and better. I proudly say, my trainer David Silva has encouraged me to be the best I can be.

Chris K
Build your Empire

I’ve been working with David at baileys gym now for a year.  He is the first trainer that I have had that actually gets on the floor and trains with you and it makes a world of difference. The results have been tremendous; The training focuses on the core, balance and the interconnections between muscles.  When I first started the training, I could tell something positive was happening, over time and with consistent work, I am amazed with the results.

Build your Empire
Peggy W

I have been working with David since October 2015. I’ve had 5+ trainers over the past four years and a lot of them did not care about their clients. You pay them, do biceps and we are done. David actually educated me and taught me why I am doing what I am doing. The goal when David and I started working together was to lose weight and tone up. Since then I am down 23 lbs and moving forward! The transformation process was something I had to stay focused on, not give up or throw in the towel, stick to the diet, and workout. To change you have to want it yourself and the process is self-motivating and self-driven. David is amazing because there are days I do not feel motivated and he has been very encouraging. I do not know a thing about health and nutrition, so he is available to answer my questions, even if it’s not during my training sessions. Ultimately, if you do not know anything about nutrition you cannot lose weight. It is not as easy as ‘eat healthy and workout.’ David has helped me understand fitness and not become stagnant. He has been the best trainer I have ever had and is hands down phenomenal. He generally cares about his clients. He is a wealth of knowledge and shares all of it.

Sarah B

For years I have been working out, training and going to the gym. I lost some weight, but gained no muscle so I did not look fit. After 3 -4 months with David, I lost 13 pounds and 12 inches. It felt almost effortless! Not only was I losing weight, but I was gaining muscle. I didn’t have to take pills or starve, for he equipped me with the tools in order to accomplish my goals. I use to have a lot of health issues: edema, kidney failure, and I was on blood pressure medicine. Today I am a lot healthier and I know it’s due to the diet, fluids, and working out! He is constantly tweaking my diet to tell me if what I am eating is good or bad and why. He definitely is not the type of trainer to just follow you around a gym and tell you how to lift a weight. Because of David, I have become a healthier person!

Build your Empire
Carrie B
Build your Empire

I started training with David in Spring 2016, and it was my first gym experience. My initial reason for training with David was to gain familiarity with all the equipment and get some assistance with a weekly workout routine and meal plan. He helped me set clear goals and expectations. I came in with a couple injuries, some requiring physical therapy, and he helped me get stronger and heal. He has encouraged and enabled me to achieve those initial goals with hard work, and we have set new ones. I love the personalized planning. He changes the workout and meal plans over time according to my progress and what we are working to accomplish. Since we have been training together, my body fat is down to 16.5% and I have visible abs! I never thought I would have abs. And I am continuing to grow leaner and stronger. My whole lifestyle has become different--how I eat and think about food, the mind-body connection as I perform each exercise, my attitude about this being a healthy lifestyle versus a one-time goal to reach. I have also learned more about nutrition than I ever expected - how proper foods fuel the body as well as the negative effects of bad food choices on the body and metabolism. This has changed how I personally eat and how my whole family eats. David has a strong ambition and sincere desire for his clients to succeed. He has truly changed my life, and I will never go back! I'm so thankful for him and consider myself blessed to know and work with him.

Lindsay R
Build your Empire
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