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Body Transformation

This plan is designed to add lean muscle mass to the body, achieve your desired look and increase your strength. This performance based body transformation is for highly motivated individuals dedicated to creating and transforming their lifestyle and body. We know that there is not one shell plan that fits all, but every plan should be customized to the individual. Whether you are bulking up or leaning out, Mind Body Empire wants to help you meet your fitness goals and unlock your highest potential.

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Athletic  Performance

 This program is for athletes looking to optimize their level of performance. Most of the time generic plans will not help individuals achieve peak performance. Mind Body Empire makes sure each plan is tailored to your current level of fitness and desired performance. At MBE we assure peak athletic performance by offering customized plans in order to increase strength, build muscle and increase agility, balance and speed. This category is for elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts training for a specific event such as races and triathlons, or young competitors.

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A champion's physique is built in the off-season just as much as in the pre-competition season. During this stage, Mind Body Empire's customized training methods will maximize your off-season gains. 

 We begin the process with a consultation appointment, after which we develop a personalized program that takes into consideration your current level of conditioning, experience, and personal competition goals. This personalized training plan also includes a comprehensive nutrition plan and supplement guidelines that allow you to achieve your best physical performance and muscle gains while maintaining a lean body. 

Off-Season Advantage
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 This program is for those who want to step on the competition stage in the healthiest and most efficient way possible. Mind Body Empire assures you stage perfection by emphasizing muscle proportion, shape, symmetry and separation. 

 We evaluate your off-season achievements in order to develop a precise plan that will take you to peak level on show day. We develop a fully detailed nutrition plan, supplement guidelines and workout routines to help you achieve the required level of muscular development and conditioning for your selected competition class. Additionally, we help with posing, bathing suit selection, and routine song selection.  

 MBE provides a personalized post-competition nutrition and recovery plan to help your body return to its optimal well-being.

Show Prep
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