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Body Transformation

This plan is designed to add lean muscle mass to the body, achieve your desired look and increase your strength. This performance based body transformation is for highly motivated individuals dedicated to creating and transforming their lifestyle and body. We know that there is not one shell plan that fits all, but every plan should be customized to the individual. Whether you are bulking up or leaning out, Mind Body Empire wants to help you meet your fitness goals and unlock your highest potential. This program requires 3-month minimum of participation. 


Complimentary Initial Consultation

Customized Healthy Nutrition Guidelines

Customized Strength Training Program

Customized Cardio Modules

Customized Supplement Guideline

Healthy Habits & Behavior Strategy

Body Composition Analysis

Weekly Progress Assessments Reports

24/7 Access to Your Coach

How will you train?

Workout at the convenience of your home and schedule with

our trainer's guidance


In person training sessions

with one of our trainers.

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